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Vandalised pitch

News Report

Ground access APRIL 2021 UPDATE

02/04/21 | Gary Stock

Changes made after pitch vandalism.

As many will know, the St Margaretsbury Recreation ground entry point barrier was closed between the hours of 8:00pm to 8:00am every evening. This was in response to the pitch being vandalised by simple-minded joyriders in vehicles and unacceptable anti-social behaviour within the grounds. 

As of this week the barrier has now been opened during the day, but will be closed at 8pm to sunset. This is after Sports & Social and the Football Club with *support, have undertaken the first step in addressing these issues.

When you enter the ground now you will see we have erected metal barriers around that top pitch (Pitch 2), which prevents unauthorised vehicles driving on the pitch.
(*Many, many thanks to 'The Friday Club' who erected these barriers)

A professional CCTV system is being set-up in key spots across the entire ground, to capture any anti-social or criminal activity.

Hopefully both of these actions will act as deterrents. But because this anti-social behaviour spoils things for the majority of responsible users, the Club will take action and pursue legal routes to make people accountable for their actions.

For the majority of you who do respect the ground - we thank you for being good human beings.

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